My name is Monica Higuera, I’m a Creative Producer based in Long Beach, California.

Producing projects gives me the ability to create, work, and collaborate with other talented and passionate filmmakers in order to turn a written story into reality. I hope to empower and inspire other young female filmmakers to be ambitious and become future leaders in the film industry.

I’m currently finishing my B.A. in Film & Electronic Arts with an emphasis in Directing & Producing from California State University, Long Beach.



Plan, coordinate, and supervise all phases of production.

Unit Production Manager

Create and oversee budget and schedule through pre- production and production. 

First Assistant Director

Keep production on schedule, attending to cast and crew needs,  and maintaining order on set while taking care of health and safety of crew.

Second Assistant Director

Create call sheets, supervise actors, support crew members, and wrangler/set extras/background actors

Monica’s strong reliability and skill as a producer on my student film, “The Kick-Off”, allowed me to purely focus on directing, which was a huge relief. I didn’t have to wear a million hats and worry about other things because I always knew she’s got my back. I can’t think of anything more creatively freeing on set.
Abby Victor
Director, The Kick-Off
I was lucky enough to have Monica produce my senior thesis. Although I had yet to meet her, her reputation as a strong, dedicated producer preceded her. Not only did she free me to focus on my project, she helped elevate it entirely with her creative input and advocating personality. Now, whenever I need a Producer in the future, I know who I can rely on.
David Schell
Director, Miss Dot Lonelyhearts
Monica is focused and clear headed in every aspect of production. I felt like I was supported throughout the whole process of making my film with her as my producer. She works hard and ALWAYS has a smile on her face, ready to face whatever comes her way. In short – she rocks.
Jessie Butera
Writer & Director, Don
Monica hooked it up with the crafty. They even had extra crunchy PB&J, which is not only dank, but my favorite meal.
Connor Bailey
Director of Photography, Miss Dot Lonelyhearts

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